New designs will be available soon! Join our Membership Club to be the first to know!
New designs will be available soon! Join our Membership Club to be the first to know!
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Marlena's Story


Hi! My name is Marlena and I am the girl behind Marlena Westfal brand.
I grew up in Poland and currently live in Norway where I give birth to all the dresses you can see on my website.
I’ve been wanting to sew and create my own designs ever since I remember, but it wasn’t until 2016 when I finally picked up the sewing needle! Needless to say (pun intended!), I haven’t put it down ever since.
The big reason why I started sewing was the fact that I could NEVER find vintage (or vintage repro) clothes that fit me. I’m a short gal and there aren’t that many people designing clothes with hobbits in mind!
Once I started wearing my handmade dresses, I was OVERWHELMED by the number of ladies who stopped me on the streets to ask where have I bought those dresses!
After a while, I begun to feel guilty for not sharing my designs with other ladies out there, who deserve to look and feel special, just the way I do.

It’s time for Change

Everything I do in my company is because I believe in changing the fashion industry for the better.
I believe that we can create clothing while also respecting
  • our environment,
  • the diversity of beauty and shapes among us,
  • as well as the craft and the people who make ur clothing.
The way I work towards making this dream a reality in my brand is:
  • choosing to make my clothes in my private workshop, instead of on the other side of the planet;
  • Offering a range of sizes from 00 to 20, despite being a small brand;
  • sourcing my fabrics as locally as possible;
  • Allowing members of my exclusive email Membership Club to have a sneak peek into my workshop to let them see how their garments are created. I hope it will help create a stronger bond between the dressmaker and the wearer of the dresses.

Daring to be Unique

I make dresses knowing that they are not for everybody.
My dresses are made for ladies who love the classic 1950’s silhouette, the timeless design and feminine beauty of that era.
I know it takes courage to be different, to be unique, and I want to serve the ladies who have that courage by sewing special, limited edition dresses that are made to last a lifetime.

Being Proud of Who you are and What you wear


Wearing clothes that FIT us has a huge impact on how we feel and how we perceive ourselves and our bodies.
When we wear a dress that fits our body, we walk straighter, we feel more confident, we feel like the best version of ourselves. We are proud of who we are.
I believe that every lady out there deserves to feel that way. Every woman deserves to wear clothes she loves, in a size that fits here.
That’s why, despite being a small start up, I have invested time and money in developing sizes from 00 to 20.
My dream is to offer custom, made to measure dresses to all my clients by 2022! (Watch me!)

Respect for the Traditional Craftsmanship


Each garment is made by employing traditional dressmaking techniques.
In the fast fashion world, I take the slower rout of bringing back the value and expreteese of the dressmakers that came before me.
The attention to detail defines all my garments - the hems, the cuffs, even the buttons, all speak for the quality of the finished product.

Love for Our Planet 


Fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants of our planet. Every stage of garment’s life has a huge impact on our planet, from production of textiles, sewing and transporting garments to what happens with clothes after we throw them away.
Sustainability is important to me, that’s why my brand is a part of Slow Fashion movement.
Manufacturing garments at my private workshop and only after the garment is ordered, ensures minimal textile waste and brings down the carbon footprint of my designs.
By choosing to be my client, you have expressed your support for all the values my brands stands for. I am forever grateful for you and your support.
With lots of love,